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What’s New: App Update 6.4

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Our Latest App Update is Live

It’s update time again! We’re back with some great news as well as improved features to help you make the most of your golf outing. Check out what’s new below!

  • Wolf: Winter is coming, and we’ve added a brand new Free Game of the Month for all users!
  • Caddy+ Club Distances: Club recommendations now update as you track shots with Caddy+. The more shots you track, the smarter and more personalized your digital caddy will get! #GameImprovement


  • Round Galleries: Now you can add photos and videos directly to your round, and they will display within an updated Round History. It’s a great way to visually document your golf round, tell your golf story, and bring your golf friends with you no matter where you play.
  • Group Feeds: Groups now have their own dedicated feed pages! All group feed content now lives in the designated group page (as well as in your personal feed).


  • Share a Hole: You now have the ability to share a Hi-Res overview image of a particular hole along with their hole score, overall round score and GameBets summary to the 18Birdies social Feed or Facebook. So if you just crushed that driver 300 yards, you have documented to proof in one great visual display! 

  • Updated Round Summary: Users can now find Fairway Hit and Greens in Regulation stats and graphs on the Round Summary page. Find out where you excel and where you can improve in based on the round stats tracked in the app!

The 18Birdies app is now available for iPhone and Android devices. Click here for your free download. For more information and content, check out 18Birdies.com


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