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New Ways to Earn Golf Bucks with 18Birdies

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Since we launched DreamGames in April, we’ve had a tremendous response from our community. 18Birdies users have earned over 12 million (!) Golf Bucks and have won more than 1,800 prizes — from gift cards and golf clubs, to top of the line equipment, and dream golf trip experiences.

Along the way, we’ve gotten a lot of great input and ideas from our users.  One of the biggest pieces of feedback has been to give golfers more ways to earn Golf Bucks — especially as Winter is coming.


As we approach the offseason for golf, we’re excited to announce that we’ll be testing a number of new ways for you to earn golf bucks, so you can buy scratch cards and win tons of prizes and amazing one-of-kind golf experiences– even when you can’t get out on the course.

Starting today, you can earn golf bucks for the following activities in the 18Birdies app:


Action Golf Bucks Earned Description
Play a Round 20 For each round you play, you get 20 Golf Bucks
Play Golf with Friends +20 When you score rounds with friends (2-5 players), earn an additional 20 Golf Bucks
Play in an 18Birdies Tournament +30 When you play any 18Birdies Tournament Round, you get an extra 30 Golf Bucks
Play Side Games +30 Earn 30 more Golf Bucks when you add 1 or more side games to your round!
Rate a Course 30 Periodically, we give golfers the opportunity to rate a course after they’ve played a round there. Each time you do this, you’ll net a cool 30 Golf Bucks.
Add Friends 20 Invite your friends to 18Birdies — when your friend request is accepted, each of you will get 20 Golf Bucks!
Share a Round 30 Earn 30 GB for every round you post on the feed — we’ll double this if you share to Facebook too!
Share a Hole 10 Earn 10 GB for every hole you post on the feed — we’ll double this if you share to Facebook too!
Share a Shot 10 Earn 10 GB for every shot you post on the feed — we’ll double this if you share to Facebook too!
Share a Photo/Video 10 Earn 10 GB for every photo/video you post on the feed — we’ll double this if you share to Facebook too!
Engage with Content Social Bonus To say thanks for participating in the 18Birdies community, we’ll be awarding ‘social bonuses’ as you like and comment on friends’ posts. Get tapping to learn more.
Engagement from your Community Social Bonus For the content and rounds you post to the feed, you’ll earn Golf Bucks when your friends like or comment on your post.

And remember, Premium Members earn double Golf Bucks for all of the above activities — try 18Birdies Premium for free today!

Have questions or feedback? We’d love to hear from you! Visit the “Me” Tab in your app and scroll to Support & Feedback or email support@18birdies.com.

Think Birdies!

The 18Birdies app is now available for iPhone and Android devices. Click here for your free download. For more information and content, log onto 18Birdies.com



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